We invest in victory!

At KAPRAIN investment group, we know the road to victory is a long-distance run that requires endurance, courage and leadership from experienced players. That’s why we’re inspired by sport, which helps us see opportunities in places where many others have long since given up.

Our story


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First and foremost, we’re people

In all of our projects, you’ll find highly experienced advisors who are not only successful professionals, but most importantly, people who understand the local environment and play by the rules. Our biggest asset is our people – both our team and our clients. We achieve positive synergy through the combined skills of our team members.


Our game

Our values

At KAPRAIN, what we value most is courage, professionalism and the ability to stand on our own feet. In achieving our goals, what helps us is the art of endurance, direct communication and respect for agreements. Nevertheless, these are only fragments of what makes us what we really are.


The ability to stand on our own feet is extraordinarily valuable to us.

Fair play

We play hard, but fair. We communicate clearly and always keep our word.


We’re determined to score the winning goal. We never give up.


We’re not afraid to take risks and accept uncertainty.

More about our values


Our projects

KAPRAIN group is currently active on four playing fields. We started in finance, we’re now developing interesting real estate projects, we’re doing more and more in industry and we bring sport thrill and family entertainment. Our engagement varies from independent advisor to majority owner, depending on how we can best contribute to the situation.


We primarily deal with professional purchases, management, and recovery of corporate and retail receivables. When dealing with corporate receivables, we focus on capitalisation, subsequent restructuring and financial stabilisation of the pledged asset. In retail, we specialise in receivables from financial institutions, telecommunications, and repayment companies. We also operate in the insurance sector, where we develop cooperation with key business partners and help to redesign the product offer to match the current needs of the market.


In the industrial, IT and service sectors, KAPRAIN group focuses on projects in which it can leverage its experience from restructuring and reengineering of businesses. Usually, we start as a creditor and then gradually increase our involvement to ultimately become a shareholder in the company. We track opportunities on the markets and open tenders, subsequently entering into selected acquisitions.

Real Estate

In the field of real estate, we deal with acquisition, development, and facility management. Thanks to the combination of our experience in construction and knowledge of current developments in the real estate market, we can identify and successfully undertake demanding investment projects. In facility management, we optimise processes and improve the performance of managed buildings, resulting in an increase in their value along with the market price.

Sport & Entertainment

Competitiveness and desire to win is in our blood. We’re proud that HC Sparta, one of the most traditional Czech ice-hockey clubs, is an inseparable part of KAPRAIN group. We have high aspirations, and not only in sports, but also in entertainment and education. In these areas, we bring extraordinary projects, such as one of the largest private collections of dinosaur fossils uniquely combined with state-of-the-art technologies in a new interactive museum or the first in-door amusement park in the Czech Republic.


Our game

What makes us win? Well-thought out strategies, creative approaches and boldly overcoming obstacles. That’s our approach, which, coupled with our expert knowledge of the business environment, makes KAPRAIN exceptional.

Expert knowledge of the environment

Every game has its own playing field that the players have to understand perfectly. Thanks to our owner’s 20 years of experience, we have an excellent understanding of the field. We know who the main players are and what game style they use. Whatever the state of play, we know how to choose the right strategy.

Common ground

The golden rule of our communication is to always find common ground. We talk to our teammates openly. We don’t use corporate jargon, or promise heroic results if they can’t be achieved. Our goal is to follow the principle of fair play and reach victory together.

Overcoming obstacles

In our field, complicated situations are common. Before the start of every new project, we carefully plan the road to success. At the same time, we’re aware that we need to react to changes and obstacles, and possibly include new teammates into the game. Overcoming obstacles is the best way to learn how to be better than our opponent.


The way we look at opportunities requires imagination and resourcefulness. These characteristics and the spirit of sport make us fearless in embracing new possibilities and change. We develop our creative talent by combining forces with partners who have similar ambitions.


Financial strength is important for a stable position at the top of the investment peloton. For our projects, we can provide the necessary funding and choose the right mix of our own and foreign resources. Thanks to our above-standard return, we can get the funds for further acquisitions and growth.


We believe that our owner's unique business instinct distinguishes us from other professional players on the market. We never lack the motivation to deliver the performance that matches his pace and expectations. As one team, we’re able to present our visions and fight for their realisation and success. That’s why we aim to be at the top of the domestic investment market rankings table.


What do we enjoy

Sport has shaped us and taught us not to give up. We feel the need to pay back. That’s why we’re involved in the activities we like and where our participation could be beneficial. We stand for activities we enjoy.